What are the terms and conditions of the Massy Card?

Massy Card is issued by Massy Card Ltd., and your acceptance and use of the Massy Card is subject to the Terms & Conditions below. Please read the Terms and Conditions as using your Massy Card to collect and redeem points or benefit from offers and promotions, you are agreeing to them.

  • Registration Information.   
    • Massy Card is a program exclusive to the Massy Group in Trinidad and Tobago.  All Massy Cards (“Cards”) are the property of Massy Card Ltd. The benefits of the Massy Card Program are available exclusively to registered Cardholders.   When you register with Massy Card, a division of Massy Card Ltd, (herein after referred to as “Massy Card”), you will be required to provide information on your name, date of birth, address, gender, age of children at home, email address, telephone number and identification card number. You are to provide current, accurate, truthful and complete information during the registration process. You shall also update such information when needed to ensure that it remains current, accurate and complete at all times.
    • Massy Card Ltd., shall not be responsible for any incident or loss resulting from incomplete and/or insufficient information on Cardholders. Massy Card shall not be responsible for any loss of data or information or for any loss that may occur to any Cardholder in the event of failure of Massy Card’s database system or for any other reason whatsoever.
    • Massy Card may change the Massy Card rules, stipulations, special offers and /or rewards of the program without notice at any time during the duration of the program.  Any information provided by you in the Registration Form or gathered by Massy Card from your visits to our website shall be subject to the terms of the Massy Card privacy policy.
    • In the event Massy Card determines or has reason to believe that the information you provide is not current, is inaccurate, incomplete in any way or that you have provided false or misleading registration information, Massy Card reserves the right to suspend or terminate your membership in the Massy Card loyalty programme.
  • Collecting  and Redeeming Points
    • Each Massy Card holder (including each secondary card holder) agrees to take advantage of added value savings within the allotted time frames for redemption published by Massy Card Ltd. from time to time. Points are awarded only for goods and services actually supplied and paid for.
    • Massy Card has the right at its sole discretion to determine from time to time which products and services qualify for points and the number of points that will be credited for such purchases. Accrued points have no monetary value and cannot be sold, transferred or otherwise dealt with except in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
    • No points will be earned for any purchase through redemption of points, except, if and to the extent the Cardholder has paid in part for such purchase, in addition to the redemption of points.
    • Each Cardholder undertakes to use his/her Card only for his/her own purchases.
    •  Massy Card reserves the right to withdraw points already issued, and/or withhold or suspend the issue of points, if, in Massy Card’s opinion, the points were, and/or are being accumulated improperly or in breach of the undertaking in 2.4. Should any transaction be null and void or a reversal be conducted, whether immediately or at a later time, or should a Cardholder receive a refund from the transaction, the points earned with respect to such transaction will be deducted from the Cardholder’s account without any notification to the Cardholder.
    • The outstanding balance of points as recorded in the Cardholder’s account maintained by Massy Card shall be deemed correct. The decision of Massy Card shall be final as to all claims made to it for points and/or rewards.  On collection of sufficient points, the Cardholder may redeem points in the redemption periods published by Massy Card, upon presentation of the Massy Card and identification card to verify the identity of the Cardholder. Upon the Cardholder making a redemption request in store, the relevant number of points used toward redemption values will be deducted from the Cardholder’s account and cancelled. The balance of points in the Cardholder’s account will continue to be valid and may be used to redeem further rewards, subject to these Terms and Conditions.
    • Points will expire on the 31st March the following year and should be claimed within the earlier of the period ending 12 months from the date earned. All products or services purchased through redemption of points are subject to availability and to Massy Card restrictions.
  • Limitation of Liability.
    • Cardholders expressly waive any rights or claims of liability against Massy Card Ltd. and/or against each participating Massy merchant and redemption partner of the Massy Card loyalty programme and/or any of their respective directors, employees or agents for any product or service provided under the Massy Card programme. Massy Card assumes no responsibility for any loss of any nature resulting from a Cardholder’s participation in the Massy Card programme.
    • Neither Massy Card Ltd., nor any participating Massy merchant assumes any responsibility for any system malfunction and/or permanent loss of the database system and points of any Cardholder due to any malicious activities or events beyond their control including but not limited to sabotage, attacks to Massy Card’s data centres, natural disasters, fires or floods. As such, neither Massy Card Ltd., nor any participating Massy merchant shall be held liable for any form of compensation for any loss of any Cardholder as a result of any of the foregoing events.
  • Intellectual Property Rights.  Acceptance of the Massy Card and your participation in the Massy Card programme  indicates your willingness to have your information (except for personal information) shared in whole or in part with the Massy Group companies and third parties and you hereby grant to Massy Card a royalty free licence to use, licence, reproduce, create derivative works from and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media or technology now known or later developed for the full term of any rights that may exist in such content.
  • General.  Massy Card Ltd., may also modify, suspend or terminate the Massy Card loyalty programme or replace it with another programme at any time. Massy Card will provide notice of any such change to Cardholders. Massy Card Ltd., reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions, the products or services to be purchased through points redemption and/or the participating Massy merchants and redemption partners at any time without prior notice to the Cardholder. Massy Card Ltd., is the final authority as to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions and as to any other questions or disputes regarding the Massy Card programme.
  • Privacy Policy. As the operator of the Massy Card programme, Massy Card Ltd. recognizes the Cardholder’s trust is fundamental to the value of the Massy Card programme, therefore Massy Card Ltd. is committed to protecting the Cardholder’s privacy. This privacy commitment demonstrates how Massy Card will ensure the confidentiality and privacy of the information the Cardholder entrusts Massy Card Ltd. with. Personal information is collected to:
    • Administer the Massy Card programme including the management of the Cardholder’s accounts, to accurately record and update point balances.
    • Process a Cardholder’s spending, including the issuance of rewards, vouchers and products.
    • Communicate information and offers to Cardholders.
    • Understand and analyse Cardholders needs and preferences.
    • Develop, enhance, market and provide products and services to meet these needs.

Massy Cards Ltd., does not give, rent or sell Cardholder’s lists from the Massy Card programme to any organization or individual other than to the Massy merchants, their respective holding companies, subsidiaries, associates  and redemption partners to use, process or deal with the Massy Card database in whatever manner and for whatever purpose as shall be deemed fit.

Where can I get more information?

  • Any Massy Card Representative at the Massy Card Centre at 609 CARD (2273) or at the in-store locations of the participating Massy Merchants.