Redeem Massy Points


How can I use my points in Trinidad?
To redeem for any reward, the points accumulated must be equal to or more than that required for the reward being requested.  The minimum number of points required for a reward is 400 points and 600 Massy Points for Caribbean Miles.

For families that do multiple shopping e.g. husband and wife, a secondary card is available so families in the same household can benefit.  All points will accumulate to the primary card holder’s account. Only the primary account holder would be able to redeem and ID must be shown to do so.

Redemption options

  • At MASSY STORES you can redeem your points at the register for cash off of your receipt, Caribbean Miles.
  • At MASSY MOTORS points can be used for the purchase of new and pre-owned vehicles, spare parts and for service labor.
  • At AMPLIA you can use points for payment of cable and internet bills.
  • At MASSY UNITED INSURANCE points can be redeemed for payment towards an insurance policy.