Welcome to More Rewards!

Massy Group is pleased to reward our valued customers for their loyalty with the introduction of our new Massy Card. Massy Card will be issued by Massy Card Ltd., with effect from 30th June 2014. Swipe your Massy Card for amazing benefits, instant discounts and exclusive offers.

Earn points when you shop at participating Massy merchants including Massy Stores, Massy Motors, Massy Finance GFC, and Massy United Insurance. Redeem Massy Card points at selected participating Massy merchants for groceries, small appliances, pharmaceutical items, new and pre-owned vehicles, vehicle spare parts and service, vehicle rentals from National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car and much more including vouchers from our redemption partners including  Caribbean Airlines Miles,  RIK, Bluegrass  and Timberland.

Points may also be redeemed for gifts from the Massy Card Catalogue available at any of the participating Massy merchants.

How can I get a card in Trinidad and Tobago?


There are various other ways to sign up:

  • You can visit any participating Massy merchant and sign up for the Massy Card.
  • Talk to our Massy Card Representatives:
    • Present one form of identification.
    • Fill out the information on the Massy Card Application Form and submit to the Massy Card Representative.
    • Receive your Massy Card, which can be used INSTANTLY to start accumulating Massy Card points that can be redeemed for great rewards.
  • Call our Massy Card Centre at 609.CARD (2273) from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.